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of your creative team



Amplify your visual product through sound.

Plato is a team of professional sound designers, audio engineers, managers and music producers. Each visual product requires great sound to boost its performance and we’ll expand your team’s skills with our experience in making things sound ear catchy.

Whether you are a big production agency, mobile startup, or an indie video producer, we’ll ensure your creatives keep shining even when your customers close their eyes.

We deliver sound for

Video production

Flesh out your video creatives with a full cycle of sound design—from voiceover through to audio effects and custom music composition.

Mobile & Web

Reinforce your apps and websites with stellar sound that enriches user experience. And don’t forget to advise Plato to your marketing team!


Create an audio landscape that allows for full immersion into the gameplay narrative. Mission complete? Let's proceed with acquisition assets!

Narrative Media

Need help with audio storytelling? Looking for professional help with recording / editing podcasts, audio books, voiceovers? We’re here to help.

Team Members

Our Benefits

Flexible Team

Every project is unique and requires specific skills. That’s why we always assemble a custom team of sound designers, engineers, music producers and managers to combine their particular superpowers around your project needs.

Win-win price

Our team is based in Minsk, Belarus. People call it the new Europe’s Silicon Valley. MSQRD, Viber, Flow, World of Tanks were made here. However, the cost of living in Minsk is lower than in EU. That’s why we’re able to offer you a highly skilled team at a win-win price.

Full Management

Working with us means hiring an agency—not just a freelancer. We take quality seriously! The sound team lead supervises all the interim iterations then hands it over to your personal account manager to deliver you state-of-the-art assets.

Hidden Potential

We don’t know yet how many creative inventions are hidden inside our heads. Are you ready to uncover them?

Hire a team

Our plans are flexible. They depend on task complexity and composition of team. Request us for project estimation! We’ll help you select the plan that fits you the best!

8+ hours
  • Minimal single-task plan for light projects: a podcast, simple acquisition video or small interface sound pack.
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40+ hours
  • Designed for middle-size projects: mobile app sound kit or complicated commercial video (soundtrack, voiceover, SFX).
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160+ hours
  • Long-term plan for big studios. If you produce plenty of content and need a full-time audio unit, let’s start a partnership!
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8+ hours / day
  • Sound emergency plan for anyone whose deadline was yesterday! If you need the job done by Monday, let us know.
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